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Odessa Ukrainian theater operates in a historic building – a monument of architecture of the early XX century. The building of the theater – one of the famous landmarks of the history of the cultural life of the city, known as the Theatre Sibiryakova.

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The theater building was built in 1903 at the expense of the entrepreneur Odessa City Theater AI Sibiryakova. He had long dreamed of creating his own theater for the Russian drama troupe, and that did not have at that time in the city mesta.Zdanie permanent theater was under number 13 on the street in Kherson.

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Whether due to the mystics, whether due to coincidence, but Sibiryakova creation pursued one after another failure. For example, in 1906 and 1912, the building burned. At the request of the owner of the city government specially modified house number 13 to 15. But it did not help. Siberians was busted.

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After another fire theater he bought off barrister Stamere. By 1914, he rebuilt the building, hoping that over time, the theater will be called Stamerovskim. But that did not happen. The theater was called – theater Sibiryakova – still quite a long time.

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The first performance on the stage of “Theatre Sibiryakova” steel “Fruits of Enlightenment” LN Tolstoy. Selecting the play was not accidental. LN Tolstoy became “master of doom” for Russian intellectuals. Shortly before the opening of the theater of the great Russian writer was 75 years old. At the theater performances were successfully Odessa Russian troupe. In addition, the tour were outstanding artists and musicians from around the world – Maria Savina, the famous “barefoot” Isadora Duncan, the last speech of the founder of Ukrainian professional theater Mark Kropivnitskogo.

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November 7, 1925 due to the requirements of the general public of the city opened a permanent Ukrainian theater – Gosdrama. From the first performance of “instigators” under the play Lunacharsky (the then People’s Commissar of Education of the country), the Odessa Ukrainian gosdrama announced itself as a team-discoverer of new names, new themes, new characters. He headed by the artistic director of Theatre Mark S. Tereshchenko. On the statement of the first performance of “Arsonists” we invited the famous reezhissera, successor Vsevolod Meyerhold – Boris Glagolin. Admirers of his work Glagolin known as a great lover of shock the public. Odessa audience he “rolled” onto the stage a real car. Long before the premiere Odessans often seen the “props” on the streets: cars were a rarity then, the director went to this miracle of technology in the theater. Glagolin often stopped in the street and started to “fix” the car, peering into the engine. Curious stopped, approached the gimmick and immediately recognized that the seventh day of November at the premiere of the theater you can not see this. “Gimmick” is also expected to spectators – the new season. The second season of the Odessa Ukrainian Gosdramy began play “Chasing Two Hares”, which put Vasylko Basil, who previously worked with luminaries of the Ukrainian professional theater: M.Kropivnitskim, N. Sadovsky, M. Zankovetska, A.Saksaganskim. He was also an actor and director in theater Kurbas. V.Vasylko and V.Yaroshenko wrote staging classical plays M.Staritskogo significantly modernize comedy. Compared with the original new characters appeared in the play: the invalid organ-grinder, the Komsomol, speculators … In the final performance unmasked Svirid Golokhvastov ran into the room, the audience, and then cast out into the foreground, referring to the audience:

– – He got away! Hold him! Here he is! Over there! In the pit! In the box! Hold! He’s still here!

The audience was delighted with the actors and by setting as a whole. Performance director Vasil cornflowers and was invited to head the theater. Since then, the troupe has become the main team in his work, and Odessa – the main city life, where he was returning, which passed the last years of his life. Vasil cornflowers and led the team in different periods, a total of 14 years. At the Odessa Ukrainian scene, he performed more than 30 performances of Ukrainian and world classics, contemporary plays, often acting as a playwright. Performances Vasil’ko entered the “golden fund” not only of Odessa Ukrainian theater, but also the entire Ukrainian national theater. Vasil Vasil’ko determine the future of the theater, its artistic prospects for years to come. The audience, broad theater public and theater critics called the Odessa Ukrainian Gosdramu “pioneer three times” for the original, bold repertoire, innovation stage means of expression and, more importantly, for the talented ensemble cast. After attending performances Gosdramy famous Ukrainian writer Ostap Cherry in 1928, he wrote:

«Hardly even any other Ukrainian theater enjoys the sympathy and recognition from the audience, as the Odessa Gosdrama. And not only the recognition! And not only sympathy! Theatre like in Odessa! It was like! A good, warm, southern love. In Odessa, on the Ukrainian Gosdrame you always hear: – Our House! Our drama! This “our” is heard, but the love of the theater, and even pride that “our” theater».

In 1930, the five-year anniversary, “for courage, innovation, research, a new hero on the stage, a new drama,” House receives the name of the Revolution.

During the existence of the theater on its stage shone brightest constellations of actors: Natalia Uzhviy, Yuriy Shumsky, Pauline Nyatko, Bone Blakytny Lydia Maciejewski, Ivan Tverdokhlib, Alexander Lutsenko, Andrey Kramarenko of Henry Ostashevsky Julius Bozhek, Valentine Ace and many others whose names are forever inscribed in the creative biography of the collective. At the theater staged plays outstanding Ukrainian directors: P.Kiselevich, E.Kupchenko, N.Orlov, A.Rubinov, VA Sklyarenko, V.Pahomov, B.Meshkis; talented artists – M.Matkovich, M.Kordonsky; composers -. Yu.Gubarev, V.Shtayger, B.Zilbergleyt etc. The creative history of the theater for almost nine decades, a lot of actors’ names inscribed, directors, artists, composers – people infinitely devoted to theater, created the collective glory of the Odessa Ukrainian theater. If you spend years lived theater events turn out astronomical numbers: it is – about a thousand new productions, thousands and thousands of kilometers on the tour routes, countless meetings, hundreds of human lives. On the brightest pages of the collective history of the museum exhibition tells.

Museum of the History of the Odessa Ukrainian theater was opened 35 years ago. The richest museum funds are replenished constantly. They – the chronicle of the life of one of the first (time of creation) Ukrainian theaters, theater staff, which is one of the leaders of an all-Ukrainian theatrical process, the largest cultural center of the south of Ukraine.

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The repertoire of the theater always had a breadth and variety of genres. On the stage of the theater in the early years of a new burst of Ukrainian drama: the play I.Mikitenko (the first head of the literary section of the Odessa Ukrainian Gosdramy) N.Kulisha, Ya.Mamontova, I.Dneprovskogo, A.Korneychuka and other presently known playwrights of Ukraine. At the theater were not only performances on the works of Ukrainian classics, but also plays writers and playwrights of world scale: Brecht, Sholom Aleichem, Mickiewicz, Pushkin, Gogol, Franko, Lesia Ukrainka, Shakespeare.

In 1995, the staff of the Odessa Ukrainian theater was named outstanding luminary – V.Vasylko.

Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after V. cornflowers and continues the tradition of its predecessors, luminaries, creatively developing them. Contemporary theater can be seen well in his repertoire: from the Ukrainian classics (such as “Zaporozhets beyond the Danube”, “Matchmaking at Goncharovka”) to experimental productions of the directors of the “new wave” of Ukrainian theater. Theatre is looking for interesting directors of Ukraine and CIS countries – such as Alessio Bergamo (Italy), Giedrius Mackevičius (Moscow), Dmitry Bogomazov (Kiev), Yuri Single (Kiev), Vladyslav Troitsky (Kiev) Klimov (Moscow), Larisa Venediktov (Kiev), Nikita Grinshpun (Moscow), Andrei Bakirov (Chernihiv). Besides the main stage, experimental stage work site, which compiled the repertoire: “The audience on the stage” and “Scene 38”. On the playbill presented Ukrainian classics and contemporary plays of Ukrainian authors, world classics and foreign playwrights.

Bright ensemble of theater artists is loved by the audience. The troupe presented by talented craftsmen scenes all generations: older, middle and younger. In the theater, there are 3 people’s artist, honored artists of 9, 2 Honoured Art Worker and 2 Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Today, Odessa Academic Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre named after V. cornflowers known far beyond Ukraine. The geography of tours for the whole time there was a very broad activity: theater tour from Odessa to the banks of the Neva River, and in the opposite direction – from Odessa to Sakhalin Island. He participated in prestigious international festivals, winning prizes. We say, for example, the International Festival of Ancient Art “Bosporus Agony”, the Cairo international festival of experimental performances, the International Theatre Festival “Melpomene of Tavria”. He has performed on tour in Canada’s cities (Manitoba). The theater was the initiator of the festival “Classics on the stage”, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of his illustrious luminary -narodnogo actor V.S.Vasilko USSR (Odessa, 1993), First All-Ukrainian festival of modern Ukrainian drama (Odessa , 1998). In 2011 the theater became the winner of the IV International Theatre Festival “European Theatre Meetings” Close Strangers “in Poznan (Poland), the student of V Theatre Festival International Black Sea Club« HOMO LUDENS »in Nikolaev (Ukraine). Currently, the theater staff headed by: director – Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine Valentina Prokopenko and art director – People’s Artist of Ukraine Igor Ravitsky.