This is the only private repertoire chamber theater in Odessa. The troupe includes young actors and directors, that work at the state theaters and at the film and show businesses. This is a kind of analog of a disappearing theater – House of Actors, where the productions are carried out by several directors, with a completely different view. They are united by one – a tiny hall for 50 people, where the viewer and the actor are as close as possible to each other.

“The Theater Laboratory “Theater on Chaynaya” was founded in 2010 by the graduates of the Odessa Theater Lyceum. In the first months of the theater’s existence,young actors and directors from Odesa and Kyiv joined the troupe. The youngest members of our team are graduates from the Studio of “Theater on Chaynaya”. We are a studio, laboratory, theater. We study, we explore, we want to talk with you. At the moment, the theater is only in the process of creating its method and language that is understandable to current and future viewers. For us, the theater is a live communication. This is the place,when we are together, and not each on our own.”

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