The theater was founded in 1984 by permanent art director Georgy Deliev. The troupe performs on stage their original material on its own, unique and constantly evolving style. Performances of the theater based on the traditions of the Del Arte Theater, the theater of the absurd, comedians of The Great Silent, European clowning and this is always a firework of fresh unbridled fantasy in the form of pantomime, choreography, drama, joke, where each actor reveals his unique style.

They had successful tours, continued to create a new repertoire of “live performances” and developed like a clownery theater, then the Maski show in 1991 found another source of creative energy and started producing its own television comedy films in the style of “silent cinema”. This tv-show quickly began to win the love of viewers not only from the Soviet Union countries but also received international support. Today the collection of the Maski show includes movie in the style of the eccentric comedy “Seven Days with a Russian Beauty”, two ten-episode comedy television films “Literary Monuments of Boris Barsky and “Playing the classics”. Many of them have various prestigious regional and international awards.


On March 28, 2003, in Odesa, the unique cultural center – the theater of the comedian troupe “Maski shows” was opened in the building of the former cinema “Druzba”. This theater received the name House of Clowns. The premiere of Boris Barsky’s poetic comedy”Othello” directed by George Deliev takes place at the opening night of the theater. And it was another huge gift to residents and visitors of the city. Since then, it has become a good tradition to delight the audience with newer and newer performances such as “Diener Show”, “Night Symphony”, “Orpheus and Eurydice”, “Evening of B. Barsky’s Poetry”, and annual acting “Skits”. Permanent participants in show projects in the “House of Clowns” were the dance theater “Skillful Feet” and the clown corporation “Mood”.

Quickly, the comedian troupe, together with film expert and film enthusiast Ian Yusim, opens the “Masks” cinema at the “House of Clowns”, which from this moment daily demonstrate the best art-house films and festival films.